What should you do if your car has hail damage?


Hail Damage Example

Our hail repair services are designed to minimize the hassle and get you back on the road within just a couple of days.

Fix-A-Dent has preferred relationships with major insurers, the claims process is quick and simple.


  • 1.Call your insurance company to schedule an appointment at the nearest claims drive.
  • 2.After you receive your insurance estimate, call Fix-A-Dent to schedule a repair appointment at 877 Dent 911
  • 3. Have your estimate ready with you at the time of your appointment
  • 4. Fix-A-Dent will handle all paperwork with your insurance company.


We know that you have many repair options for your hail damaged vehicles.

It's important to check references to ensure that you are doing business with a reputable company.

Here are some things to ask about:


  • Written Warranty1.
  • Business License2.
  • Years of experience3.
  • Relationship with insurance company4.
  • Year round coverage in the area5.